Race Nights

Themed Race Night Packs

Packed full of entertainment !

Our themed Snail Race Night packs are designed to make running your next school, sporting club or charity fund raising event as easy as possible:

Each pack will have the following:

  • Simple to read and understand guidance notes 
  • One DVD containing all the races
  • Betting tickets for each race (for up to 100 people)
  • Set of race cards to place on the tables
  • Tote identification numbers for each runner (1 to 8)
  • Tote calculation sheets to work out winning amounts 
  • Auction sheet to show each runners highest bid    
  • A funds-raised sheet to show how much you have raised

It will also include:

  • Function details printed on the race tickets and programmes
  • Personalised snail names and sponsor details
  • Personalised race names and sponsor details
  • Your own special message shown between races
  • Your sponsors message shown between races
  • Your sponsors logo (or image) shown between races
  • Two images of your choice shown in the race backgrounds

As an example - for a football club - why not add a special mention of thanks to your main club sponsor and include their company logo. You can also have an image of say the coach and the captain showing up in the race background.