Race Nights

Personalised Options

Personalised to your requirements!

Having something 'personalised' or made to your requirements is something that is becoming ever more popular - just have a look at all the personalised gifts you can buy - mugs, jigsaws, t-shirts to name just a few.

Likewise - our products can be personalised to your exact requirements. The following options are available:

  • Themed runners names
  • Themed runners' sponsors
  • Race names
  • Venue name
  • Your 'In aid of'

In addition there is a range of promotional solutions which we can provide for you including:

  • Image and scrolling text during races and race intervals
  • Personalised 'fun money' with wording/image of your choice
  • Personalised t-shirts and caps

All of the above is available when you place an order online.