Race Nights

Helpful fundraising tips for your race night

1. Choose your good cause

Tell people about your good cause and why you are raising money.

Primary School – raising money to buy new computers
Scouts - raising money to build a new clubhouse
Individual - running the London Marathon or 3 Peaks Challenge

2. Get some help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The aim should be to have a small pool of dedicated people to share the tasks. Allow plenty of time for planning and make sure you delegate tasks. 

3. Decide how much to raise

Set a realistic fundraising target and then break it down into how many tickets need to be sold, supply of food and drink, promotional costs etc etc. Keep accurate account of the expenditure and cost of the event. 

4. Finalise a venue and date

Most places like pubs, bars, hotels, sporting premises and leisure centres are very accomodating towards people organising fundraising nights.

Many venues have their own bar – and therefore you can normally arrange for the venue to be hired to you for free and/or agree to your fundraising night taking a percentage of the drink sales.  

Most organisers can maximise their fundraising – by charging a small ticket fee at the door which would include for instance some food (sandwiches, quiche, min-sausages etc) for them to enjoy throughout the evening.

5. Actively seek sponsors - individuals and local businesses

Sponsorship is an easily overlooked part of fundraising. Many businesses (no matter what size) are fully supportive of local fundraising nights – yet many organisers don’t even bother to approach them.

With our race nights you can obtain additional sponsorship monies by offering them the following:

  • Sponsor of an actual race
  • Sponsor of individual runners for each race
  • Sponsor of the event with their logo shown between each race.

Individuals should also be made welcome as sponsors of both races and individual runners. Just don’t forget to personally invite your sponsors to the evening so they can be introduced to the audience.

6. Let people know how much was raised.

Once the monies are in and you have accounted for the expenses of running the event – make sure you let your charity or good cause know how much was raised for them and that you plan on running one next year. If you can get a small article in the local paper then even better.