Race Nights

Fundraising example for a typical race night.

The following is an example of the amount of money that could potentially be raised when organising a race night (with 80 guests) involving the wagering using real money. The figures are for guidance purposes only. 

1. Race Sponsors

What you do: You seek out local businesses willing to support your fundraising efforts by sponsoring (and naming) one of the races. You could also ask them to provide a prize or gift voucher which can be given to someone in the last race.

What you get: You received sponsorship of £20 per race and a gift voucher to be raffled at the end of the night.  

Running Total: £160

2. Snail Sponsors

What you do: You entice friends and colleagues to sponsor (and name) a snail.  If you have 8 races each having 8 snails entered – then you could potentially have 64 snail sponsors. 

What you get: You received 64 snail sponsors at £5 each, raising a further £320.  

Running Total: £480

3. Admission tickets & race programmes

What you do: Put posters up advertising your event and make sure that you get a mention in the local paper. Charge people a small admission cost which may or may not include a snail race programme. £2.50 is common while £5 would be appropriate if you are also providing food.

What you get: You sold all of the 80 admission tickets before the event at £2.50  each raising a further £200. 

Running Total: £680

4. Sale of race tickets through your Tote (Betting Booth)

What you do: Prior to each raceyour special tote staff (ie: helpers) sell ‘betting’ tickets to the audience across each of the 8 runners usually at £1 each. When the betting is closed - simply calculate (using our payout form) how much to keep for your fundraising and how much to pay back out to the eventual winners. 
What you get: You sold two £1 tickets to each person (80 guests) for each race (8 races). ie: most people buy more than one ticket per race. Assuming you paid out 50% to the winners the amount raised would be: £2 ticket x 80 guests x 8 races x 50% = £640

Running Total: £1320

5. Sale of Dual Forecast/Quinella/Lucky Dip tickets for one race

What you do: You arrange someone to go around to the audience selling a set of 28 Dual Forecast tickets (ie: 1st and 2nd place in any order) for say 5 of the 8 races shown that night. There is only won winning ticket per set. 
What you get: You sold 28 tickets at £2 each for 5 races. You kept half the money for your good cause and paid the winner the other half. Therefore you made 28 tickets x £2 x 5 races x 50% = £140

Don’t go overboard and sell them for each race – as there is only one winner out of 28 tickets then some of the audience may be put off buying them for each and every race.

Running Total: £1460

6. Auction of runners (snails) before the last race

What you do: Prior to running the last race you hold an auction for the audience to bid on becoming the owner of a snail. This can get quite exciting with people trying to outbid one another – so talk it up and get groups of people to bid as one.

What you get: You auctioned off the 8 snails for an average of £35 per snail. You retain 50% for your fundraising and hand the other half (£140) to the “shell-shocked” winning owner.  

7. The final tally for the event is ……

    • A gross total of over £1600 is raised!
    • Your audience had a great time and can’t stop talking about it.
    • You enjoyed running it and get asked about when the next one is.
    • Hopefully you will order from us next time.

 We hope you have a great time fundraising!